Monday 14 January 2013

Math Newsletter

Alsalamo Alikom dear Parent/Caregiver:

Over the next two weeks, your child will be learning about dividing decimals.
The focus of the lessons will be on estimating quotients, dividing whole numbers
and decimals by whole numbers, and using division and other operations to solve
problems. Throughout the chapter, your child will be asked to communicate his
or her understanding and to solve problems.

Throughout this time, you and your child may engage in activities, such as the following:

• Look for examples of dividing decimals in your everyday life.
For example, if a bike path is 4.5 km long and you want to divide it into 3 equal
distances, how long would each be? Estimate and then calculate the distance.

• Practise using a calculator to divide money. Pose and solve problems such as:
a large pizza costs $13.99. Four friends will share the cost. How much will each
friend have to pay? Estimate and then use the calculator.

• Pose and solve problems involving dividing by 10, 100, 1000, and 10 000.
For example, if the scale on a drawing is 1:10, how high will the drawing of a
bookcase be that is 1.2 m tall? If a sketch of a bird has a scale of 1:100, how
all will the sketch be if the actual bird is 22 cm tall?
You may want to visit: and follow the links to Nelson Mathematics 6,

Chapter 10, for more suggestions to help your child learn mathematics and for books
that relate children’s literature to dividing decimals. Also, check the Web site for links
to other Web sites that provide online tutorials, math problems, and brainteasers.

If your child is using a
Mathematics 6 Workbook, pages 88 to 93 belong to Chapter 10.
There is a page of practice questions for each of the five lessons in the chapter and
a Test Yourself page at the end. If your child requires assistance, you can refer to the
At-Home Help box on each Workbook page.