Monday 2 December 2013

Quran Updates


Alsalamo Alikom Dear parents

Alhamdulillah by the beginning of the month of December, we practiced reciting and memorizing up to Aya 5 in Surat Attalaq which is the middle of the Surah. We will finsh the surah by the end of December Insha Allah. Please practice with your child using this website and go to Sheikh Ibrahim Alakhadar:  

Quran: Update from Tr. Samia

Congratulations to the best memorizers  and reciters of the month 
of November
4. Misbah                                                     
Jazakum Allahu Khairan for your cooperation.

Monday 25 November 2013

Science Updates

Alsalamo Alikom Dear Parents
Hope you are doing well and in the best of your health.
Inshaa'Allah this week we will be starting a new unit in Science and its about electricity " Turn it on".
By the end of this unit students will be able to:
  • know how to evaluate the impact ot the use of electricity on both the way we live and the enviroment.
  • investigate the characterisitics of static and current electricity, and construct simple circuits.
  • demonstrate an understanding of the principles of electrical energy and its transformation into and from other forms of energy.
By the end of the unit there will be the unit project where the students will be divided into groups to create their own electrical circuit, make a buzzer, make a motor, and make lights brighter.
Jazakom Allah khairan for your cooperation :)

Sunday 17 November 2013

Math Updates

Alsalamo Alikom Dear Parents
Hope you are doing well and in the best of your health.
Inshaa'Allah we will be starting a new chapter about Data Management which is chapter 3.
By the end of this chapter the students will be able to
  • Collect, organize, and analyze the result of a survey.
  • Make bar graphs, line graphs and scatter plot.
  • Use mean and median to compare set of data.
  • Describe how changing the scale or interval size affects the appearence of a graph.
  • Make arguments based on datain tables, charts, or graphic organizers.
All students were askd to translate and measure their work and progress in the speed math program by drawing a line graph to show their trend of progress from sheet #1 to sheet #10. They have to make an analysis to find where are their points of weaknesses and to highlighted so we can work on them togethr.
This will happen after we finish every 10 different sheets of speed math.
God bless them all and help us to make a lot of progress inshaa"Allah.
Jazakom Allah Khairan for your cooperation.

Thursday 7 November 2013

Math Test

Alsalamo Alikom Dear Parents

We will be having a Math test in chapter 6 all.

Due date: Monday Nov. 11th 2013

Wish all the students the best of luck and all the success

Jazakom Allah Khairan

Tuesday 29 October 2013

Book Fair


Alsalamo Alikom Dear Parents
The Scholastic Book Fair is taking place tomorrow Wednesday October 30 and on Friday November 1  in the school library. Our class is scheduled to visit the book fair tomorrow @ 14:05 pm
Parents are welcome to visit the Book Fair and browse the collections any time during g school hours.

Jazakom Allah Khairan

Friday 25 October 2013

Science project


Alsalamo Alikom dear Parents

Insha'Allah grade 6 students be working on their science project.
The project is that they have to create their own animal by choosing the different parts of the animals according to the importance of these parts and how these parts help the animal to survive in the biodiversity.
This project will help the students to think critically which is a higher order thinking level and show their creativity.

The due date is: Monday Oct. 28th, 2013

The project idea: Students have to draw their created animal on 2/3 of the paper and list the different parts of the animal's body and explain why they chose these parts and their importance.

The rubric has been sent home 2 days ago to help the students to fulfill all the requirements.

Looking forward to show me your creativity.

Wednesday 16 October 2013

Eid Mubarak

Alsalamo Alikom Dear Parents
I hope that you have had a happy and blessed Eid
Eid Mubarak for all thefamily.

Tuesday 8 October 2013

Hajj Project


Alsalamo Alikom Dear Parents

This our class Hajj Project for this year.

All the students participated in this project and they did a great job mashAllah. Iam so proud of them.

Jazakom Allah Khairan my beloved students for you hard work.

Jazakom Allah Khiaran dear parents for your support and cooperation

Thursday 3 October 2013

Quran Update from Tr. Samia

Dear parents


Alhamdulillah by the beginning of the month of October  we are in the middle of the first Surah for this school year ( Attahreem) ,we will have a test on the whole surah  when we finish it Insha Allah , so please practice with your child using this website and go to Sheikh Ibrahim Alakhadar:  

Congratulations to the best memorizers  and reciters of the month 

of September

       6A                                                         6B                       

1.Hafsa.                                                      1. Zainah.                                                             

2.Hana.                                                      2.sumayyah.

3.Saad.                                                        3. Anas.


Jazakum Allahu Khairan for your cooperation.

On behalf of Tr.Samia

Abraar 5th Annual Quran Competition


Assalaamu Alaykum                                                                                                              Sep 30th 2013

Dear Parents/Guardians

·         It is with great pleasure to inform you of our 5th annual Quran Competition. The first round will be held in December 2013 Inshallah. (The final round will be in January 2014).

·         The Competition is optional and is open to all Abraar students. It will be divided into the following Grade- Surah groups:


Al Fateha, Annass, Al Falaq,and Al Ikhlas. (4Suras)
Al Fateha, Annass, Al Falaq, Al Ikhlas, Al Masad, Annasr, Al Kawther, Al Asr,  Al Feel and Quraish. (10 Suras)
Al Asr, Al Feel, Quraish, Al Kaferoon, Al Maoon, Al Homaza, Attakathor, Al Qareah, Al Adiat and Al Qadr. (10 Suras)
Al Zalzala, Atteen, Al Qadr, Al Alaq, Ashareh, Adduha, Allail, Ashams, Al Balad and Al Fajr. (10 Suras)
Al Gashia, Al Alla, Al Bayyana, Attariq, Al Borooj,AlInshiqaaq , and Al Mutafifeen . (7Suras)
Al Mutafifeen, Al Infitar, Atakweer, Abasa, Annaziaat, Annaba Al Mursalat, and Al Insan. (8 Suras)
 Al Insan, Al Qiama, Al Mudather, Al Mozzamel , Al Jinn and Nooh (6 Suras)
 Al Jinn, Nooh, Al Maarej, Al Haaqa Al Qalam and Al Mulk  . (6 Suras)
Al Qalam, Al Mulk, Attahreem, Attalaq, Al Monafiqoon and Attagabon. (6 Suras)
Al Hasher, Al Momtahena, Assaf, Al Jumoaah, Al Monafiqoon and Al Tagaboon. (6 Suras)
Surat Almujadalah and Surat Yaseen.

  • Registration: All entries must be registered with your Quran teacher and must be received by November 30th , 2013. (No registrations will be accepted past this date).
  • Judging Criteria: Students will be judged based on memorization, rules of recitation (Tajweed), voice quality, and voice clarity.
  • Prizes: First and Second places in each age group will receive valuable prizes Inshallah.
  • More details and information will follow and for any questions please contact Tr. Samia on Abraar’s phone or at

Wassalamu Allikum

" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Abraar School Fifth Annual Quran Competition 2013/2014 – Registration Slip

Name:  ………………………………….…………………                                                   Grade: ………….


Parent’s Signature:      …………………………………………..

Monday 23 September 2013

Critical thinking


Alsalamo Alikom Dear Parents

I sent today with my students 2 documents about how parents can help their children to think critically.
Also there is a list of the Apps., website links, television shows, and books that will help you a lot in this issue.

Please try to apply this with your children at home.

Jazakom Allah Khairan

Tuesday 17 September 2013

Math Test

Alsalamo Alikom Dear Respected Parents

InshAllah Grade 6 will have a Math Test next week.

Date: Monday Sept. 23rd
 Students have to practice chapter 2 (all lessons).

Jazakom Allah Khairan.

Friday 13 September 2013

On behalf of Tr.Said

Welcoming Letter To Parents


Alsalamo Alikom Dear Parents,

 It's school time again!

My name is Rania Abdeldaim I am your child homeroom teacher and in the same time I am teaching him/her Math, science, Islamic studies, Art and Health.

 I am very happy to have your child in my classroom.

I believe that by all of us working together we can make this a very successful year. I consider it of prime importance that you be an active part of your child's education.

It is important that you and your child be informed of my standards of classroom behavior so everyone knows what is expected. I have always found parents to be very supportive of good classroom behavior so their child has a good environment for maximum learning. I am listing below our classroom rules, as well as my own personal pledge to you and your child. If your child develops any difficulty conforming to the rules, I will notify you. As well, I hope that you will advise me if at any time your child has a problem, academic, social, or emotional.  

   You are invited to send me an email, phone or visit the school any time that you have a question concerning your child's progress. I will keep you informed by sending home a weekly sampling of your child's work.

My email is: or call the school on telephone number: 61332261396.

I consider it a great privilege and responsibility to be your child's teacher this year.

Our Classroom Rules
    1.      Listen when your teacher is talking.

2.      Follow directions quickly.

3.      Respect yourself and others.

4.      Raise your hand to speak or stand.

5.      Be safe, be kind, and be honest.

My Pledge to Students
The following is a list of goals that I have set for myself this year. I will make every effort to live up to these goals:

1) I will greet students each morning with a smile, and will be generous with my smiles throughout the day.

2) I will look for opportunities to reward and praise students for their work and good behavior.

            3) I will use fair and appropriate methods of discipline.

4) I will try to make classroom instruction as interesting as possible and look for new and diverse ways of presenting materials.

5) I will maintain a positive atmosphere for learning. .

6) I will make myself available and approachable to students.

7) I will recognize the individuality of my students and will provide opportunities for each of them to experience success. I pledge to work forward making this a very successful year for us all.

Jazakom Allah Khairan


Thursday 6 June 2013


Alsalamo Alikom Dear Parents

Alhamdullilah Grade 6 today is done with the EQAO test.

They did a great job and they deserve all the best

I wish you all my lovely students best of luck and more and more success in your life.

Grade 4 Bake Sale

Hope all is well and everyone is in good health.
This is a reminder that the grade 4’s will have their bake sale on Monday June 10th, 2013.

Bring all your change for some goodies and sweets. 

Jazakom Allah Khairan

Tuesday 4 June 2013

Water Wars


Alsalamo Alikom Dear Parents,

The grade 6’s has completed the 29 juzu of the Quran. As a reward, we will be hosting a water balloon fight party for them.   This event will take place on Thursday June 6, 2013. Please provide spare clothes/towel with your child. If they have water guns, they are permitted to bring it to the school but remains with the teacher till the event starts. Also provide your child with a bag of balloon. If for any reason, you do not want your child to attend the event, please write his name on the paper sent home. 

 Jazakum Allah Kheiran,

Wednesday 8 May 2013

Bake Sale

Alsalamo Alikom dear Parents

Yesterday grade 6 had their bake sale and...................

ALHAMDULLILAH we raised  $665.

Jazakom Allah Khairan for your support and help.

Thursday 2 May 2013

Math Test

Alsalamo Alikom Dear Parents

InshAllah grade 6 students will have their coming Math test on Tuesday May 7th, 2013.

The test will cover chapter 12 all lessons.

Jazakom Allah Khairan

Thursday 25 April 2013

An Update from Tr.Nancy

Dear Parents,

Assalamu Alaikum

I have come across a very interesting article about children and technological devices. To access the article, click here.

Have a great day, inshaAllah.

Tr. Nancy

Languahe updates

Dear Parents,

A quick update on what we have been doing in class. The past few weeks, we been discussing:

· -different methods of advertisments and the effect it has on people

· how to analyze an ad

· looking at what goes behind the scene when creating and ad

· the typical stereotyping we see on tv.

· close look into infomercial.

· invidual creation of infomercial.

Book report ( side project)

I have asked the class to chose a book they would like to read. Once book is read, a book report will be done and shared with the class. There will be time dedicated to reading and working on the book report in class. I will dedicated 5-8 min of each language class for studetns to read. There will be 2 periods dedicated to the book report next week. The book report is due May 3, 2013. If any changes is made, there will be an update.

Thank you,

Tr. Merve

Friday 19 April 2013

Health project

Salam Alikoum,

Dear Parents,

 Gr6 Health Project oral presentation is Monday April 22nd, the presention is 4 marks out of the total. Each student will be given 1 to 2 min to breifly present and summarize his booklet project.


Library updates

Dear Parents,

Assalamu Alaikum

Have you read great children’s or young adults books lately? If you have, I would like to hear about it; I am sure that other parents would like to hear about it, too.

 Every week, I post book recommendations on the school library website. If you would like to include your recommendations on the library website, please email me your book review at

I look forward to hearing from you.
Happy Reading!

Tr. Nancy

Wednesday 17 April 2013

Gauss Math Contest

 A Reminder

Assalamualaikoum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh
Dear Parents/Guardians:
As we announced before that Abraar School will be participating inshAllah in Gauss Math Contest of the Centre of Education in Mathematics and Computing (CEMC) at the University of Waterloo.
You can find more information about the contest in the following link:
Students can prepare at home for the contest by using questions along with the solutions from previous contests that are posted on the website by the Math Dept. of Waterloo University.
Pervious contests and solutions found in the following link:
Individual Awards:
- The top three highest scores will receive a medal and everyone will receive a certificate of participation from Waterloo University.
- A Certificate of Distinction is provided for each student scoring in the top 25% in their

InshAllah participating students will gain the benefits from competing in such events.
Due Date: Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Tuesday 16 April 2013

Math updates


Alsalamo Alikom Dear Parents

InshAllah grade 6 students will have a math quiz in chapter 11 on Thursday Aril 18th.

jazakom Allah Khairan

Quran: Update from Tr. Samia



Alhamdullah we finished reciting and memorizing  surat Attalaaqah  and  we are about to finish memorizing Surat Attagabon , so please practice with your child using this website and go to Sheikh Ibrahim Alakhadar:  





Congratulations to the best memorizers  and reciters of the month of March

1.Maheen M.
2.Khadija A.
3.Rayah A.