Wednesday 16 January 2013

Language updates

AlSalamo Alikom Dear Parent
Date of spelling test:  Thursday January 17, 2013, the following words are from the novel we are reading from.
Spelling test List
1. Domain
2. Trespassers
3. densely
4. intertwined
5. timidly
6. yielded
7. observed
8. substitute
9. desperately
10. consider
11. merely
12. doubtfully
13. extraordinarily
14. particularly
15. astonished
16. corridor
17. contrary
18. limped
19. overwhelming
20. companion
Homework: Character analysis
Mrs. Frisby- students are to select 5 adjectives that describes Mrs. Frisby. Once the adjectives are chosen, students are to find examples from the book that demonstrate each adjectives they have chosen to describe Mrs. Frisby. I have given them class time to work on it today. If work is not complete. It is for homework.
Thank you,
Tr. Merve