Tuesday 22 January 2013

Math and Science Updates

Alsalamo Alikom Dear Parents
Math Updates:
We will have a math test  due Thursday Jan.24th. in ch.9 L. (2,3,4,5), & ch.10 L. ( 1,2,3,4,5).
We Started ch.3 and it works with Data Management so students will be asked to conduct surveys, collect data, organize their data, draw graphs to display the result of their survey,.....etc.
Science Updates:
We started Unit 3 ( Turn It On!)
Students have to solve the questions listed in their science journal due on Monday Jan.28th.
  • What do you know about electricity?
  • What do you want to know?
  • How will you find out?
A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.
(Colin Powel).
Jazakom Allah Khairan.