Sunday 20 November 2016

Science Project

Science Project
Electric Toy
Due Wednesday, Nov 30
First Check: Nov 24th & 25th

Design and construct a toy or device that uses electricity to work. Examples are: toy car, robot, a device that pulls tissues from a box, a robot that feeds your fish.

Please follow the guidelines listed below:

  • Work could be individual or in pairs. So, you can work alone or with one other student in grade 6.
  • Use any kind of materials to make your toy, but make sure it is of moderate size and that you can easily carry it to school. The only materials not allowed are glass and sharp dangerous parts.
  • You can use some parts from a broken toy.
  • Your toy could operate by batteries, solar panels, or both.
  • Prepare an oral presentation 3-4 minutes discussing your toy: how you built it, materials used, challenges you faced and how you could improve it in the future.
  • First check is on Thursday,  November 24 for 6A, and Friday, November 25 for 6B. First check will be marked. For the “First Check”, you should show me that you have started working on your project by providing one of the following:

- a colored sketch/drawing of your toy on your Science Journal
- a draft of your short description on your Journal
- a list of the materials needed for your toy on your Journal
- email me a picture of yourself working on your model.

Enjoy Your Time!

Dina Zaazaa,
Grade 5A Homeroom
Abraar School: Islamic Education for the Next Generation