Tuesday 17 February 2015

New "I Love the Sunnah" Campaign!

As-salamu alaikum Dear Parents,

To conclude Abraar students' learning about the Seerah of prophet Mohammed (pbup) in Islamic Studies, we are now excited to announce our school-wide campaign called
 "I love the Sunnah" 
 where we introduce and practice one simple sunnah a day for three weeks. First Sunnah will be on Thursday Feb 12th, 2015.

Please note that participation in this campaign is also open to parents who would like to practice the same sunnah we learn in school
Here are the details of the campaign: 

1)     One sunnah will be introduced & explained everyday right after dhur prayer

2)    The sunnah of the day will be bloged everyday for your reference

3)     Three program follow up sheets will be handed to students to log their sunnah practice (and your practice if you would like to participate).

4)     Students and parents who complete the 3 follow up sheets will be awarded “I love the sunnah! “ mood band.

Your encouragement and reinforcement are highly appreciated!

Jazakum Allah khair!