Monday 5 January 2015

Welcome Back :)

Alsalamo Alikom dear Parents

I would like to welcome you and your children back to school after a nice and relaxing two week holiday.

Hope that everyone had enjoyed their vacation.

Here are the updates for Math, Science and Islamic st.

For Math:
We will start today inshaaAllah chapter 3 which is about Data Management. The goal for your child will be as follows:
  • To collect, organize, represent, and analyze data.
  • To display data in various formats such as bar graphs, line graphs, scatter plots, and Venn and Carroll diagrams.
  • Experiment by changing the scales and intervals in graphs.
These experiences will help your child deal with the pervasive influence of data in everyday life inshaaAllah.

For Science:
We will continue working on The Sky"s the Limit unit in which students will learn everything about air and about planes. The unit project will be inshaaAllah that the students have to sonstruct their own plane.

For Islamic St.: 
Alhamdullillah we finished unit E about prayer and now students will start preparing for the prayer workshop. InshaaAllah grade 6 A & B will be conducting a workshop for the whole school to teach the lower grades how to pay the Prophet's way PBUH.

Wish them all the success.

Jazakom Allah Khairan for your cooperation.