Tuesday 6 January 2015

Math Project

Alsalamo Alikom dear Parents

Now it is time for the Data 

Management Project:

Students are asked to create their own problem including the following points:

Ø Conducting a survey by asking a question on your own interest.
Ø Collect, organize, and display the results of the survey using a Tally Chart
Ø Create a graph to display the results of your survey question. (Choose an appropriate graph that matches your data, you can use more than one graph).
Ø Describe your graph.
Ø Use TAILS to be sure that your graph is perfect and complete.
Ø  Explain TAILS in your own words in a very clear way.
Ø  Be the most creative you could be.
Ø  Use different colors in an effective way.
Ø  Be organized, neat, and clear.

The due date is Monday, January the 12th.

                                            Good Luck