Friday 24 February 2017

Science/Art Project

Imaginary Organism
Due Tuesday, Feb 28
First Check: Wednesday, Feb 22

Design an imaginary organism that has characteristics from two different kingdoms, only two, ex: Fungi and Animal. Your design should be 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional and no bigger than an average cereal box.
You are not allowed to use pencil, crayons, or markers to draw any of the body parts. Your design should be a collage type using different textures and colors, ex: fabric, paper, foil, leather, wood, plastic, etc. BE CREATIVE!!! You CANNOT paint any of the materials you’re using. Do your research before you start working on your design. You will have to submit a short written description of your organism with the design.
The following are guidelines to keep in mind when working on this project:

  • Give your organism a scientific name and a common name.
  • What two kingdoms does it belong to? What’s the name of the new kingdom?
  • What are the main features that allow it to belong to these two kingdoms?
  • How does your organism feed, move and grow?
  • How big does it grow?
  • Where does it live? In which biome? And where in this biome?
  • Your description could either be typed or neatly handwritten and attached with your design.
  • Do not present your work in a duo tang or folder. It should be submitted as a mini poster or diorama.
  • For the “First Check”, you should show me that you have started working on your project by providing one of the following:

- a colored sketch/drawing of your organism on your Journal
- a draft of your short description on your Journal
- a list of the materials needed for your organism on your Journal
- email me a picture of yourself working on your organism

Enjoy Your Time!