Tuesday 6 November 2012

Social studies Project

On behalf of Tr.Merve.


Alsalamo Alikom dear parents,
We have been learning about Aboriginal people and the different types of Aboriginal groups.  I have assigned a project. I have given my students two different assignments. Some students are assigned to investigate the “Head smashed- in Buffalo Jump” and some on “Role of the Canoe in the Fur trade”.
The outline for” Role of the Canoe in the Fur Trade”:
“Fur trades in early Canada depended on the canoe for transportation. We would begin our journey by packing our supplies, goods, and passengers. We would paddle for days, unpack and carry our belongings when we reached foot trails, and then repack them when we reached another waterway.”
Use the five Ws and “How” to investigate the role of the canoe in the fur trade
Who – taught the fur traders how to canoe?
What – was “portaging” and what were “portages”?
When- would the fur traders have to unpack or repack?
Where – would each journey begin and where would it end?
Why – was the canoe a faster way to travel around Canada?
How – many passengers would there be in a journey?
The outline for “Head smashed – in buffalo Jump”
UNESCO (United Nation Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization) names certain sites all over the world for their uniqueness and importance in defining our history, and head Smashed-in Buffalo jump is one of them.
Use the five Ws to investigate this site:
Why - is it called “Head Smashed- in Buffalo Jump?
What - are some of the features of this site?
Where - is it?
Who - were the people that used this site?
When- was it in history when these people used this site?
You are to illustrate your work in a booklet.
Once completed, you will present to the class

Due date: Wednesday Nov.07